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Clean-cut Evidence

The following is evidence provided to establish that clean-cut killer X by his Jewishness or other proof is in fact, a circumstump humper of murderous proportions.

Harold Shipman

World's Most Infamous Serial Killer

Why did the most diabolical mass murder in history get so little coverage? The simple fact is that Harold Shipman appears to be Jewish [and circumcised].

What Did Shipman Do?

He used opium to kill 260 patients, and the reason was for money. His victims were mainly elderly ladies who had substantial assets, but few relatives. Shipman would forge their wills, steal their jewels, take their cash and bonds. He even got a kickback from the cremation facilities.

Shipman's Background

Shipman's' career starts in 1974 as a GP in Yorkshire. He is considered to be arrogant, and soon found to be selling pain pills. He was fined £600 for forgery and prescription fraud. From 1975 till 1993 he had partners, he left and went on his own in 1993.

Semitic features:
Harold Shipman: circumcised serial killerHarold
                      Shipman: circumcised serial killer

Sigmund Freud and Harold Shipman: two Jewish,
                      circumcised serial killers
Freud and Shipman: two Jewish, circumcised serial killers, shown here for comparison

Dr Shipman's surgery in Hyde, Greater Manchester

This was a pill mill, and one of his many schemes. He had a staff of five, but it was Dr. Reynolds that first suspected him.

Ghislaine Brant

Ghislaine Brant, kosher murder assistantMrs. Brant, a Jewish woman, who managed Battersby’s Chemist near Shipman’s Market Street practice in Hyde, was said to have handed out massive amounts of diamorphine to Shipman without question.

Two Who Caught Him

Dr Reynolds suspected him, and Angela Woodruff caught him. Shipman killed her 83 year-old mother, and forged the will.

The Judge Mr. Justice Forbes

Shipman was tried on fifteen deaths in a two week trial. They said the motive was that he had to watch his sick mother suffer, and that he thought he was helping elderly women. He was convicted and sentenced to life.

Shipman's Convenient Suicide

Shipman hung himself on Jan 13, 2004. Shipman confessed to a temporary
cellmate that he killed 508 patients. The truth he he was murdered to make this whole incident vanish. The English legal system is destroying all his artifacts, so they don't wind up with another 'Jack the Ripper' [Jew Aaron Kosminski] in a wax museum.

Abu Hamza Outs a Jew

"There are people who are Zionists who live outside (Israel) who are
helping Zionists in Israel," he told the court on his fourth day in
the witness box.

Asked by David Perry, prosecuting, if he meant that the Foreign Office
was controlled by Jews he said: "Yes."

"And the media?" Mr Perry asked.

"Yes," replied Mr. Abu Hamza. "If a doctor kills 250 of his patients
there is not a single word about his religion."

Hamza added that he was referring to killer Harold Shipman.

It Certainly Odd  How This Monster was Forgotten

Everything from the quickie trial to silly motives to no investigation of his partners, his staff, etc. Where are the books and movies? The silence on this guy is deafening. Like the Jew Jack the Ripper [Aaron Kosminski], the media will hide his true nature and racist motivations for a century.

Updated and cached by Uncle Jeebers on 2011/3/19

Aaron Kosminski [Jack the Ripper]

An immigrant Jew by the name of Kozminsky was arrested and questioned based on evidence obtained from his rooms. The program went into detail as to why both Scotland Yard and The FBI who also took part in the program concluded that Kozminsky was Jack the Ripper.

There was also an eye witness, Israel Schwartz (a name meaning: Fight with God, Black). Unfortunately he also was a jew and refused to testify "against a brother Jew". Kozminsky would have been tried and the evidence presented, but apparently on advice from certain quarters it was decided that it would cause a pogrom, so his family was persuaded to place him in an asylum where he remained for the rest of his life. The killings stopped. [1]

"It's Still a Mystery"

The curator of Scotland Yard's Black Museum - a retired CID officer - could tell anyone that asks that the case had been solved a long time ago and that Jack was definitively Aaron Kosminsky. (The Black Museum holds the writings of the chief investigator on the case, Swanson). An eye witness - Israel Schwartz - refused to testify for fear of whipping up the already fervent racial tensions, so Kosminsky was simply taken off the streets and died years later in a sanatorium in Barnet. According to the man in the museum, nobody really wants the case solved as so many people make a good living out of it. But he was sure and certain. So there you go. [1][2]

Henry Makow Blames Whitey

He says Winston Churchill's father did it, making allusions to freemasons (whom he fails to mention are run by jews). Clearly Makow, being a jew, wants to take the blame off the obvious killer Kosminski, because he wants to blame someone White.

Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud the SK

Freud's passion for murderThe evidence is mounting that Freud murdered his patients according to the serial killer model that Harold Shipman, Herman Mudgett et. al. would later follow - that of a Jewish/circum-stumped, opiate-prescribing doctor who killed his patients for money and circum-revenge against their yenta mothers. [1] [2] [3]
[Here's another example of how doctors regularly get away with murder.]

Sigmund Freud the Faggot

Freud was a misandrist (faggot). Some of his kosher partners in anus worship were Willhelm Fliess and Edward Silberstein, and he broke up with Carl Jung over misandrist attraction [1] [2].

Carl Jung wrote to Freud: "I confess this to you with a struggle. I have a boundless admiration for you both as a man and a researcher, and I bear you no conscious grudge..., [but] my veneration for you has something of the character of a ‘religious' crush. Though it does not really bother me, I still feel it is disgusting and ridiculous because of its undeniable erotic undertone. This abominable feeling comes from the fact that as a boy I was the victim of a sexual assault by a man I once worshiped....This feeling hampers me considerably. Another manifestation of it is that I find psychological insight makes relations with colleagues who have a strong transference towards me downright disgusting. I therefore fear your confidence. I also fear the same reaction from you when I speak of my intimate affairs."

Later on a colleague describes to Jung a queer patient who dreamed that he and Jung were swimming in the Zurichsee and that Jung somehow helped him. The colleague asked Jung if he would consent to see the faggy man. "I don't want to," Jung replied, again citing being sodomized as a boy. Then he adds: "You see, that's the reason why I was afraid of Freud's approaches.... No, no, no, [I thought at the time], I don't want to belong to anybody."

Addiction to Cocaine and Nicotine

It is worth noting that Freud’s own reward circuitry (in the brain) was apparently out of balance. He used cocaine for years, and publicly touted its supposed benefits, even claiming that it could cure addiction to morphine.

He was fatally addicted to tobacco. He smoked twenty cigars a day, and did not quit even when he was diagnosed with cancer of the jaw. He was operated upon more than two dozen times before the disease finally killed him. Even when his entire jaw had been replaced, he continued to smoke all day, every day.

Dr. Cig-mount Fraud

Anything Freud said that was true wasn’t original, and anything he said that was original wasn’t true. He was a plagiarist and con-artist. His first fraud victims were all Jewish, proving Freud to be an anti-Jewish Jew much like Bernie Madoff.

The Decline and Fall of the Freudian Empire by Eysenck, The Psychoanalytic Movement: The Cunning of Unreason by Gellner, Freudian Fraud by Torrey,  Madness on the Couch by Dolnick, Unauthorized Freud by Crews, Why Freud was Wrong by Webster, Killing Freud by Dufresne, Against Freud by Dufresne, Freud and the Question of Pseudoscience by Cioffi, Freud Evaluated by Macmillan, House of Cards by Dawes, Seductive Mirage by Esterson, The Foundations of Psychoanalysis by  Grunbaum, Follies of the Wise by Crews, Psychoanalysis or the Freudian Philosophy by Robinson, Was Sigmund Freud a Quack – The Straight Dope, The Assault on Truth by Masson, The Memory Wars by Crews, Burying Freud by Tallis, The Assault on Freud- Gray, et al., Father Knows Best by Lakoff, Freud Bashers’ Greatest Hits by Prose

The Doctors Say

Frued's personal physician and supervisor Dr. Joseph Breuer diagnosed him with “Moral Insanity." His personal physician and psychoanalyst, Dr. Max Schur diagnosed him with “Brother Murder Complex.” Couldn't have said it better ourselves.

And as Freud reasearcher and imminent sinologist Chris Miller aptly says,

Much evidence has already been presented in Passion for Murder: The Homicidal Deeds of Dr. Sigmund Freud. New evidence, since that publication has emerged, and, no doubt, will continue to further emerge as censorship of Freud's personal letters is removed....It will be shown that, in fact, [Freud] was a SK and that his last victim was himself and that he did not give up his passion for murder until his own dying breath.

H. H. Holmes / Herman Mudgett

Jewish Wikipedia (Jimmy Wales✡) cites a Jewish TV show "Most Evil" hosted by Jewish Michael Stone✡ when it says that Mudgett's Jewish mother Theodate Price was a devout Methodist. However, Price (Preis) is a Jewish surname [1]. Mudgett is also sometimes Jewish [2]. The article admits his family was affluent and that he was trained in kosher razor medicine✡.

Jewish features:

Herman Mudgett:
                        circumstump thumper / murderer

V-pattern baldness, curly hair, thin upper lip, fat lower lip, puffy upper eye lids/unpronounced, Asiatic brow-to-eye connection, sloped forehead + flat head back, narrow shoulders/needs shoulder pads (see Sigmund Freud), big nose, blah blah blah. Our jewdar screen is overloaded.

Michael Stone: partner in genital mutilation
                      and serial killing crimes, cover-up artistMichael Stone✡, director of crime cover-up program, "Most Evil" which ignores razor rape of babies and the Jewish crime network as any factor in any featured crime.

Albert Einstein, Bernard Baruch and the Bomb

Though Albert Einstein was just a bumbling idiot [1], womanizer [2] and misopede [3] who married his cousin [4] and forged his way scientific status [5], he was given the authority to arrange for some intelligent Germans to create the atomic bomb, while most of them believed it was for creating energy, Oppenheimer being added to the group as a spy who would eventually transfer the technology to the Soviets. The financial backing was promised by Bernard Baruch. [6]

The Manhattan Project is commonly cited as a publicly recognized conspiracy, in which around 1,200 employees kept perfectly quiet for ten years until the atom bomb's release in August, 1945 - one month after Japan's surrender (a surrender criminal Jews would not accept so they could wait until the a-bomb was ready and then test their hideous weapon).

Einstein the WomanizerEinstein the Womanizer

Albert Einstein had half a dozen girlfriends and told his wife they showered him with "unwanted" affection, according to letters that shed light on his extra-marital affairs.

He divorced his first wife Mileva Maric, mother of his two sons, in 1919 and soon married his cousin, Elsa. He cheated on her with his secretary, Betty Neumann.

In the new volume of letters released on Monday by Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Einstein described about six women with whom he spent time with and received gifts from while being married to Elsa. [1] [2] [3]

Einstein the Misopede

Barring the discovery of new evidence, it cannot be stated with any certainty that Albert Einstein raped his wife's daughters, but we know that he had the desire and the opportunity to fornicate with them, and that Isle, at least, was repulsed by his sexual advances towards her. Given the fact that Albert Einstein referred to these women as his "harem", as well as the other circumstances surrounding their relationship, it is a distinct possibility that Albert Einstein forced himself on these young women. [1]

Also from Eric Hufschmid:

When Kay Griggs was explaining about the sexual abuse that occurs at Princeton University and among people in leadership positions, she made the curious remark that Albert Einstein, who was working at Princeton, was also involved in the odd sexual practices

She did not provide details on what Einstein did, or why. However, if she is correct, Einstein's behavior is more evidence that he was just a loser who was selected to be genius. [search "Kay Griggs interview" to hear her comments, or see a condensed version here, or see the full version here]

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