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Why Intoxicants Cause Spiritual Harm

By Gilbert "the Catfish"

The human body experiences pleasure and pain as a way of guiding it towards behaviors which promote health.

The reason a drug can cause pleasure is because the body has the capacity to produce a natural equivalent of the drug. The active chemical(s) in a drug produce their effects by bonding to receptor in the brain. For every drug there is a corresponding type of receptor. Those types of receptors would not be there if the body did not produce chemicals to bond to those receptors.

In other words a drug tricks the body into feeling something that it is not appropriate for the body to feel in that particle situation.

Feelings are a form of information. If something is painful our body is receiving the message that something is causing damage. For example if one was to touch the hot coals of a fire one would feel pain and if one did not remove ones hand one would suffer serious burns. This is why it is important to trust ones feelings. Feelings are not always based on blatant stimuli, they can be based on situations in the memory. For example if one is in school and needs to study for a test one might start to feel a sense of anxiety about needing to study. The purpose of the anxiety is to motivate one to study. Anxiety is not a sign of medical illness as some psychiatrists might have one believe.

Pleasure exists as a strategy to motivate people to do that which is healthy. For example fruit tastes good because the body is letting one know that the fruit is healthy.

Smoking marijuana causes pleasure however the pleasure caused by marijuana is unrelated to ones situation. Many people have not studied for their exams due to eliminating their natural anxieties through the smoking of marijuana.

The active chemicals in marijuana are called cannabinoids. These chemicals bond to cannabinoid receptors in the brain. The natural equivalent of marijuana produced by the body is a chemical called anandamide. Anandamide is produced during activities such as exercise and meditation. Anandamide causes people to feel good.

We are supposed to be rewarded with pleasure when we do something that promotes our health, things like exercise and meditation. These are natural highs. Marijuana leads people away from health by providing them a high that is not connected with an activity that benefits the health.

Drug use is dangerous for a number of reasons: it damages the health, one can overdose and die, and one can develop brain damage.

A reason I am offering as to why drug use is bad (one reason among many valid reasons) is that drug use separates people from their true feelings and the result of this is that people can become less able to detect danger and they can become less likely to detect whether or not something is of value.

All drugs cause a sort of blindness; this includes pain inducing drugs, pleasure inducing drugs, and drugs that numb people. Drugs blind people by masking their true feelings and thus drug users cripple themselves making them more vulnerable to attacks.

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