The Knights of Banjo Hollow

Who We Is

We is a fraternal order of chaste men. We believe that the pinnacle cerebral reaction during MIPS is actually a death spasm that results in a tragical loss of vital energy. The motley crew that comprahzes the KBH convenes in the Dharma Jive Nest, where Hippies, Hicks, Skinheads, Rebels, Vaishnavas, Unaverage Joes and Jocks freely discuss a varietay of taboo topics, usin racial slurs in the deafenin absence of kosher cusswords.

We is devoted to developin our inner virtue, as a man who is virtuous is a calmly confident gentleman. We can't say that we is gentlemen but we is shorely tryin to be.

Further details on joinin is at the section How To Join.

To find a castle near you, you may contact us at ian.mrtao(at)

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