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The Knights of Banjo Hollow

A Discussion Between
Dr. Rob* and Uncle Jeebers

Jeebs: OK Rob, get ready to lose yer lunch: The Sexist Revolution. [this video discusses the radical materialism of modern China. It features a woman who is getting a common operation to lengthen her legs and make her taller.]
Rob: Are the Chinese having eye operations? Do they curl their hair?
Jeebs: They certainly are. Tryin to make themselves look White or somethin.

Rob: I heard someone say your great health benefits resulting from celibacy relate to your tall and thin body type. Is this true?

Jeebs: Concernin my type, I don't agree that the benefits of celibacy are exaggerated for my type, only that they manifest themselves differently for different types.
Rob: I’m about 6 feet tall. And reasonably muscular, but slightly saggy as of late. A few years of yeast piss and Russian food. For me, chastity
is more related to my disposition than body type (ectomorph when I was younger, mesomorph until now, lately I’m bordering on endomorph). I have always had a rather high sex drive. I’m not a devotee of Zodiac, but I’m a Scorpio, and according to a book, James Bond 007 is the archetypical Scorpio rampant. All that energy seems to be redirected with chastity, into something a bit more constructive.
Jeebs: Br. Clayton is very stocky and full of earth and water qualities.
Rob: Were you referring to the Chinese or ancient Greek/European elements? As far as I know, Chinese has 5 and Greek has 4, and they are somewhat different? These “elements” are undoubtedly figurative, as are the ancient Norse sagas and the like.
Jeebs: The five elements in Chinese religion. I don't know all the details of the other types, but I'm pretty good at seeing which of the five elements someone is.

Rob: And what about Clayton?

Jeebs: Clayton's been celibate for two years [as of 2010/10]. If I put you in contact with him, you could familiarize yourself with the health benefits that someone pretty opposite of my body type would experience under TC.
Rob: The benefits may be different, but energy in human and/or spiritual terms and/or Karmic and the like generally follows the “conservation of mass and energy”. This sexual energy will likely be redirected in other directions. Be careful with this power at first, there is no real way to predict what form it will take, or what direction energy-of-chastity will assume. But I have little doubt chastity for any disposition or body type will be expressed and power/energy in some form.
Jeebs: Letting a woman hack loogies on your manhood and sucking out eight
cups of your blood must have serious health consequences.
Rob: Jeebs – did you give me this analogy? Or did I come up with it on my own? “Sir, would you prefer mucosal or fecal sex?”. – “huh?”. “Sorry, Sir, let me restate my question – would you like snot or poop sex?”.
Jeebs: Furthermore, what is "kissing"?
Rob: Hmmmm... good question! Do other animals engage in any sort of mouth-to-mouth contact? According to legend, the Chinese did not know of kissing until Westerners introduced it. The Eskimos were said to merely rub noses.
Jeebs: Humanity isn't designed to eat flesh, much less rotting flesh. We
don't have the powerful chemicals in our mouths to kill parasites. A
woman's mouth is probably several fold dirtier and dangerous than that
of a DOG. Kissing on, doting on, touching and trying to soak in a
woman's flesh is just another form of ingesting a corpse, i.e., meat
eating. Vedic references to "meat eating" often are obviously being
used as analogies to sex.
Rob: As far as I remember, the Kama Sutra mentioned “meat”. Eating meat, riding meat (a horse?), and having sex with “meat”. Syphilis was often a death sentence, as AIDS seems to still be, to some extent. As medicines grow less effective due to disease vectors acquiring immunity, venereal diseases will again be lethal in the near future.
Jeebs: Watch that video of Chinkess getting legs drilled with a power drill to find out what lusty women will go through to make their flesh more edible to men.
Rob: Hmmmm... interesting notion occurred to me... Women, if the Chinkess is any indication, are undergoing the same ritualized pain and body modification men do, to “appeal” to the opposite sex (although a New Zealand study indicated women prefer men to amputees, 9-to-1). I would really prefer a woman with “real” legs, as opposed to the circus freak with the DISPROPORTIONATE legs she hopes to have. They will be about 3 inches longer than her body morphology would normally accommodate. She may well have postural and joint problems with age. Mess around with Nature, and She will mess around with you.
Jeebs: We have no use for women.
Rob: Is there a man on this planet who actually ENJOYS listening to their nonsensical, emotionalistic, apologist, conformist, concessionary drivel? Is there a man out there who has EVER heard a women, ANY woman, EVER utter ANY original thought, EVER? Where it really goes from the ridiculous to the absurd is when a man ASKS a WOMAN to TAKE his LIFE’S SAVINGS... “please”? WIT** is “that”?!!! And we are expected to PAY for these mucosal “holes” to eat in front of us and babble their worthless, contrite, meaningless, infantile nonsense? It’s way, way beyond simply not having any “use” for them. They are a PARASITE. A “black hole” that sucks the LIFE and ENERGY out of us. A lot of people would try to undermine my grasp of reality by implying that faggits have some similar sentiment. But it is quite the converse. Faggits LOVE women. LOVE their silly horsefeathers. Try to BE like wimin. 4 words. Damn you to hell!!!
Jeebs: Lord Buddha refused to have women in Buddhism 30 times, then set down over 300 rules which they would have to follow before being reluctantly allowed to ever come in sight of His men.
Rob: Buddha presumably realized that he, also, had no use for wimin. Some would point out that they do, of course, have a mucosal orifice. And rubbing one’s member (a stump or anteater) will induce a prostatic spasm. Which in turn releases endorphins and dopamine and the like. In the same manner of any other type of addictive behavior. A lot of people consider faggits to be “unnatural” because they indulge in acts involving fecal waste. While mucous is certainly a step above metabolic toxins and colonic bacterial and products of digestion, is snot really all that much better?


*Rob is a surgeon in Moscow who is currently trying a vegan diet, no intoxicants, and "total continence" (what we'd call chastity or celibacy). He shares his adventures with us via email.
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