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Sex is Not Enjoyable

It is often suggested that the act of sex is enjoyable. This is a great mistake committed by those already initiated into this painful and strip-mining ritual.

Sex like any of the great sins was on its first occurence the cause of nausea and traumatic surprise. Like a boy gulping down his first beer, he doesn't know whether to vomit or to pretend harder that his dizzy head is happy. Smokers will often tell you that their first cigarette was nauseating, and that only with persistence did they eventually like the act. What happens is that when we first try a great sin, it sends all kinds of warning messages to our bodies. We react with reversion. All the pain and suffering associated with that sin can be felt at first. But after several tries, the negative effects of the sin are clouded by the addictive effects of it. Eventually addictive desire drowns out our "blue balls," our nausea, our headache, our feeling of shame and guilt, and the desire to try, try, try again takes over.

boyOur parents or family may have tried to have us sip a beer or cocktail when we were kids. You could remember the feeling if it happened to you. You wanted to vomit it up - you hated it. I remember when I found out that beef was dead cow, and my grandmother scolded me, and I cried and cried. I remember in school how the boys wanted their own area and felt the girls might pass some disease along to them. In kindergarten we had a blue side and a red side, and the students themselves worked to keep themselves separate. I remember our parents wishing we'd watch TV with them, but we were unwilling because there were kissing scenes which nauseated us.

Why is it we could feel so averse then, but willingly corrupt ourselves later?

Just remember, brothers, that if you didn't like something as a kid - if a kid wouldn't do something for fun, then you shouldn't do it for fun now. How else, then would we regain our childhood innocence, purity, and capacity for unbridled joy?

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