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Macho Murder?

As Srila Prabhupada stated, an important commandment in both Buddhism and Christianity is "Thou shalt not kill," which means that in the times of Siddharta and Christ, the main material manifestation of sin was killing things. Rampant meat eatin. Killin animals for satanic sacrifices. Killin babies in the womb. Therefore, they done put this sin at the top of their list.

It gets more interestin when you study Chinese philosophy and the five elements: metal, water, wood, fire and earth, because you find out that woah, metal and fire are destructive and killin forces. So here we see it isn't just the question, to kill or not to kill a mosquito. We is faced with the fact that killin and destruction is two fifths the equation of life.

Bein a metal person myself, I've long wondered about questions of killin, destruction and anger. What is these thangs? If I like them activities, then how can I live a moral life? The simple answer is: those that hate evil is moral men. Those that kill noxious elements is doin God's work. Those that is angry bout sick stuff have healthy, workin consciences. This is all true as much as men who love God and truth is moral men. It's all two sides of the same coin. We mentioned this in scripture meetin the other day, though I'll have to ask Br. Catfish about which one that was.

Purdy body builder with ring and small finger raised. No beard, of course.
Re: Macho Murder?

Now it was interestin. I done sat down with mom the other day and watched one of them fancy 3D movin computer image movies, one called Avatard. In the movie was all these wacky blue monkey giants flyin around fightin butchy women and faggy men, apparently because the latter is controlled by some flotational-jewel-crazed hymie. Now I knowz some of you will declare that how in tarnation can that general who is liftin weights, makin threats and bein all tough and stuff be faggy?

He's "clean shaven," lifts weights for gettin pretty, and looks like one of them Usonian militarists that quite fancy goin to Bohemian Grove with Arnie Schwartenigger or Fire Island with Calvin Clyde. But that's all beside the point. The point is, he's killin the big blue monkeys for hymie, for money lust, and for what them four-eyed credentialed windbags call "lack of resources." The point is, he's killin wrongly, which is downright mean and actually quite bitchy feminine. Men who kick their dogs ain't macho, is they? They's just plain PMSin is what I'm sayin. And all this ain't goin into detail about how them military leaders of the Jewnited States do in their Skull and Bones and such initiations. I won't go into such gory details, but suffice to intimate that they isn't the most heterosexual folks on this planet.

Did you ever hear Henry Kissinger? Well aside from soundin like a toad, do you find him to be the straight type?

chix with dix
Chix with dix, comin to ya from Hollyweird

I digresses.

Another strange part of the movie is how the shemales is the heroes and how the she-monkey heroine teaches a he-monkey to shoot, hunt, be spiritual, and sleep in hammocks. How sweet. It's like watchin that Faul McCartney and Stevie Wonder singin Ebony and Ivory. All heartwarmin fantasy stuff that affirms you is indeed watchin pure fiction.

A further gender bender is the profit-conscious Mr. Burns of the movie, a short, bald wussie who pulls everyone by their purse strings. He might as well been wearin a dress.

So mom was confused by it, and all of us reflected on our gender identification. "Is I like that, all butchy weird like that little Jeebs?" I says, "Nah mom." It really makes you think about it though. And she asks, "Well ain't that general all manly and stuff?" And I just told her he's like that PMS'er kickin his dawg. Aha she said. Yes that's good that the Avatard movie general ain't no macho man and that killin like that ain't nothin worth commendin.

Well we won't waste anymore of your time. Thanks for readin.

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