Clown virus skepticism: Viruses are fictional

Back around the year 1998 my neighbor showed me how he was using acupuncture needles on himself to cure a knee problem. He elaborated that he didn't believe in standard doctors, and added, "This is going to sound weird, but viruses are fictional". It was so off the wall then and I was so young it seemingly just went in one ear and out the other. Just a couple years before that someone had convinced me to get an "AIDS" test, and I was so scared before the test results came back that I was floored and without energy. Only after my mother called me and said I wasn't in any risk group, so being scared about it didn't make any sense - talking against the propaganda at that time (also of Fauci) that AIDS was an equal risk for normal people as for sodomites. Only a year or two after that experience, there was my neighbor telling me that the whole idea of contagion is unproven, and that many things we think are incurable are easily and cheaply cured on one's own.

During my years in China I'd been in contact with the few remaining traditional chinese medicine practitioners and seen first hand cheap, safe and effective medicine for all in practice. This was especially visible before around 2005. Chinese medicine can be seen to work miracles (along with the Buddhist temples with their spiritual programs for the sick), curing even the common cold, flu and kung-flu if you will, for which pharisee medicine has never had the slightest progress. Chinese medicine (and also Tibetan and Indian) do not posit the existence of any such thing as a "virus", and they cure these things people are deathly afraid of today, whereas hook-nosed doctors claim viruses are the cause of these things, and can't do anything about them in the slightest. It seems amazing to me that it isn't obvious to the western observers that virus theory is patently false and unproven. It seems strange that such a bare, inconvenient fact goes unnoticed. Even Chinese were asking me, "Why do westerners think there are viruses? Why are they still unable to cure the common cold, yet still disbelieve herbal medicine?"

Now I present a fairly messy list of un-cited quotes, information, and my own comments. Please excuse the disorder but I haven't had much time to write.

from stephan lanka

the french were at war with the germans in 1872. each nation blamed their war deaths on viruses with their respective virus theorists, luis pasteur and koch, as deaths from a "small pox epidemic". they claimed the virus came from the enemy territory. pasteur was believed because he had some legitimate research on bacteria, which he still knew were never the cause of disease. a disease-causing poison had to be postulated to uphold the "western" concept of disease influx. pandemics had been used to cover for upheavals and starvation many times in history. from the vatican and ancient greece a disease demon was postulated. the vatican said disease was a punishment from God (and that they were His representatives), consolidating their power. with pope sylvester II (Gerbert de Aurillac) arabs were employed as emissaries from china to transfer medical expertise, including their own developments (because in Chinese medicine there is no concept of contagion). chinese medicine talks of energy balance and imbalance, influence (like influenza) of warm and cold. neither is contagion a part of aryuvedic medicine. contagion is typically war-oriented and "western".

there was the small ice age starting in 1308 which caused a massive influx of fleeing northern europeans into more southern regions. famine arose in the germanic states of the holy roman empire. there was a strong earthquake in "Friual" in 1348, which devastated many cities in the mediterranean. orthodoxy interpreted this as the coming of the antichrist. law and order collapsed as venice was (wrecked?) and was the center of global trade and finance. so the venitian city officials, priests and powers adopted the contagion theory, declaring parts of the population damned and having the "black plague" (leprosy). entire quarters of the city were put on lock-down/quarantine where they were staved to death, slaughtered and poisoned as Goethe described. later the vatican had less power to define these things and there were the american, french and other revolutions, and the same thing was renamed small pox. today this is included in the utterly absurd definition of AIDS. the public was always terrified of any declaration of epidemic, because they could be locked-down and killed (forced to take medications/be poisoned to death as Goethe described). others died in the meantime because of the choas and starvation. the survivors applauded. the medical system is instantly repressive in times of crisis - doctors, researchers and hospitals are natural repressors, who always declare disease as an enemy, vile, and invasive. it takes hold of a man and destroys him, while at the same time spreading to others like an evil spell. so the medical system stems also from popular fear of this disease demon, which has created big pharma. this system will not leave this power to anyone or anything else, unless society becomes active against it.

DNA theory stems from virus theory.

pasteur knew bacteria don't cause disease. many studies were publicized at the time, e.g., max von pettenkofer demonstrated what cholera was and how it could be easily prevented. pastuer was being paid to come up with some theory to block passage of the english in the mediterranean. he invented the "virus" which could also cause disease in humans. to prove there was something 1/1000th the size of bacteria, he used filters that would block bacteria to the head of a suspended dog out of a liquid from diseased animals, 1/3 the volume of the dog's brain. the liquid came out the other side of the dog's head and the dogs got sick and died.

the last male ancestor to pasteur passed pasteur's parallel diary in 1993 to princeton professor Gerald Geison who translated it into english and revealed pasteur's fraudulent practices in all his studies. for example, his animals that survived weren't poisoned and the ones that died (without the vaccine) were heavily poisoned etc. He invented the idea of a pathogen that could not be seen in a microscope but that always causes a disease-causing poison. a virus is like a military enemy, not like a symbiotic part of real nature. he did this to keep the english from sailing in the mediterranean and forcing them to the pass of gibraltar where they'd be shot at. he didn't anticipate the electron microscope, available after ww2 that could see 1/1000th the size of bacterium. it was found that bacteria emit spores when they died slowly. when they died quickly like when being heated or dried out, they released particles that cannot live on their own but are made of proteins and have a nucleic acid in the center. these are nutrients that are provided to suriving bacteria. this also happens in other simple organisms like funghi, amoeba and very simple algae. but it was never observed in a human, animal or plant.

TDS comments:

Lanka believes in electron microscopes as a valid observation technique. he says literally that viruses don’t have the qualities (infectious/poisonous) they are claimed to have, and the word virus means poison, so he concludes “so essentially viruses don’t exist”. so no Lanka does not think any of these particles have ever been isolated nor shown to be infectious.

he won in court about smallpox, but he says all claimed infectious viruses are not infectious and thus not poisonous or contaminants.

now another point of view is that electron microscopy is not a valid observation technique, because it radically alters the sample with 1) heat around 150°C 2) vacuum 3) dyes/chemicals/stimulants 4) gold film then you add to virology the problem of the PCR machine, which is a blender that rips up all the components of blood. then you have to add 5) electron miscroscopy is considered an “art” and “you have to know what you’re looking for and bring it out” etc.

Lanka and now this Tom Barnett are both virologists (another name in italy is Montanari …who are, we must remember, vested interests. anyone who spends their families’ life savings and 12 years on something that in the end is invalid or worse, quite evil/anti-Christian, is not going to reveal much about just how subjective electron microscopy is.

then there’s the negative proof with microscopes much more modern (i think the electron micro was invented in the 30’s? lol), darkfield microscopes, invented by a German in the 90’s. you can see live, unadulterated blood with it. so it’s not that virologists are using 1930’s microscopes because nothing out there is better, but because actually there is something much better and it indeed shows no viruses or anything similar.

i’m interested in this issue because i translated christine maggiore’s “what if everything you thought about AIDS was a lie” into chinese, many years ago, which introduced a number of interesting questions with a who’s-who list of experts chiming in. her husband then later made “the other side of AIDS”, considered controversial and evil because it suggests that ramming each other’s assholes and masturbating in each other’s feces-laden intestines was maybe not a healthy thing. The Other Side of AIDS

this documentary features peter duesberg (prize winner for retroviruses “discovery”), founder/co-inventor of the elysa test (which is used to test corona, mad cow, avian flu etc etc), the inventor of the PCR machine, nobel prize winner kerry mullins (sp?), plus all the top-involved hoaxers as well.

for tin-hat interest, Maggiore died a mysterious death and the LA coroner declared her dead of AIDS.

let me emphasize that skepticism for virology is extremely important if not fundamental to our campaign against White genocide. you simply cannot promote the viral contagion theory and not send the world spiraling into ZOG armageddon instantly.

Barnett’s video was uber-censored, neigh vaporized off our national telecommunications lines. anyone not pushing viruses will be severely censored, harassed and oppressed. and with viruses assumed real and dangerous, we have permanently lost our right to free assembly guaranteed in the constitution. we are already losing our already pathetic right to vote. enemies of ZOG are declared to be under house arrest, while niggers, mudvaders, ZOG soldiers, ZOG hospital workers etc. are all on the move, working together and generally running all over us like the pussies we are.

if we can carry deadly contagions just anywhere and be declared dangerous by very loose and questionable methods like elysa test and having maybe one degree too high on a temp reading (if it’s even accurate)…we can be arrested, harassed, injected with unknown substances at the will of ZOG.

today i was having a debate in a group of nationalists (local) in a chat room. literally half the participants originally considered to be extreme right wing we actually telling me and everyone else that we are under house arrest, have to wear masks, gloves, have no constitutional rights etc. because they can’t control their hysteria.

this situation could have only been created by ZOG algorithms analyzing our private data via cellphones and using that data for what it was intended, manipulation - and this mode of manipulation was deemed the most effective. and damn, they were right. ppl who were saying two seconds ago what liars the gov’t and media are, are now glued to the TV and social media and believe everything they see. it’s uncanny.

so i’m struggling to say this as i know it’ll be divisive, but there can be no room for viral hoaxing among nationalists.

Whites don’t want to hear about this. it’s somehow their “weak spot”. well because admitting illness is never contagious means that we and our environment are culpable for all our illnesses. no viruses = self responsibility, return to Christian morality and farming. our government and doctors are corrupt beyond our wildest dreams. generally this causes extreme cognitive dissonance. most people cannot face this horrible fact, though the bible is open about it: satan rules the material world, get over it basically.

if you’re saying viruses ride on larger particles that’s fine. but there’d still be free ones in the air, thus masks gloves etc. would be useless. in theory there are gorillions of these virus particles flying around all the time everywhere. the logical disconnect of this does not seem to bother the vice-addicted public nor their kike overlords.

at the same time they were pushing vaccines for the first time, societies were cleaning up their streets and drinking water. there was already dramatic trends against these very diseases before the vaccines were ever introduced.

interesting Lanka quotes Goethe’s “Faust”. Goethe is a White hero, the patron Father of modern Germany. rudolf steiner, the father of modern natural medicine and devout Christian, started a society to maintain and protect Goethe’s works. Goethe wrote competing and sensical ideas against Anal Newton like in the theory of colors. you had already the royal society of london, freemason/canaanite from the start vs. chaste, moral White superheros like Goethe.

anyway the public praises Faust for his work in Veneto during the plague and he refuses it saying, i’ve killed thousands with my potions (“tamiflu”, a mix of sugar and mercury), many more than the plague."

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(Many of these links will probably dead as this is a heavily censored subject - which just further proves our point!)

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